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“An already booming gaming and online ecosystem has been thrust years further into the future than anyone expected. The convergence of a number of new technologies including Mixed Reality, Blockchains, Cryptography and Self Sovereign Identity make possible much of what sci-fi authors and gamers alike have dreamed of for decades, and the global pandemic has forced us to take giant leaps forward in a hurry. Now billions of people are living, working and playing online, and spending billions of dollars per month on digital property and services. But we’re still in the early days of discovering what connectivity and interoperability can do at this scale, and how the emergent properties of these new worlds can affect our communities and our lives.”

What is the Metaverse?

What is the metaverse? The metaverse is a shared virtual 3D world, or worlds, that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative. Just as the physical universe is a collection of worlds that are connected in space, the metaverse can be thought of as a bunch of worlds, too. (NVIDIA)

Decentralized autonomous organizations

- Member-owned communities without centralized leadership.

- A safe way to collaborate with internet strangers.

- A safe place to commit funds to a specific cause.

Biggest Games

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. We empower artists, creators, and players to build the platform they always envisioned, providing the means to unleash your creativity.


Determine the future of the virtual world. The first fully decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via the DAO, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of Decentraland. Via the DAO, you decide and vote on how the world works.


Imagine, create, and play together with millions of people across an infinite variety of immersive, user-generated 3D worlds. Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play.

Other Organizations


Crucible is working to create the open infrastructure that joins the worlds of many talented game developers, web developers and artists without the “walled garden” or closed platform effects that have crippled our current social media and technology business models. In joining these systems together and empowering true user sovereignty and portable digital identity, we are working to prove the business cases behind concepts like “foot traffic” and digital tourism in an Open Metaverse.


AcknoLedger is a Global Consortium that maps, monetizes, and distributes Web 3.0 Digital Assets Seamlessly across all the Metaverses and Gaming NFTs. We envision to be the Nervous System of Web 3.0 Digital Assets. Acknoledger will work on a M2D Model. UCNS (UNIVERSAL CONTENT NUMBERING SCHEME): Universal Content Number Scheme (UCNS) is used to create an Ecosystem to map all the NFTs across the Metaverses. UCNS is the World’s first decentralized nomenclature system that will be adopted and used as a Universal Standard. UCNS will be used to verify the authenticity of NFTs across Digital Universe.

Meta Spatial

Meta Spatial is a Metaverse virtual universe researched and developed by the Spatial Studio. Meta Spatial is inspired by science fiction novels. The Spatial Universe is an unlimited super universe where the spaces are linked together through the Spatial Portal. The Spatial studio will build fantasy spaces stage by stage via understanding ideas from the community, especially the DAO community. Meta Spatial will provide users with the most extensive and authentic experiences by creating unlimitedly different spaces and applying XR - Virtual Reality and Extended Reality Technology in the Meta Spatial ecosystem.

Morels Homestead

Build your very own homestead in this sandbox VR adventure. Grow and harvest crops, explore and dig up treasure, trade and sell your way to glory as you grow your homestead into the something amazing.


NetVRk is an accessible platform, where everyone can easily create their own fully immersive VR worlds and experiences, using NetVRk’s state of the art sandbox.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their pets.


gm. We are not just another NFT marketplace, we are here to get you to build your own minter, market, and NFT redeeming systems. The future is niche markets, operated by you on sharded, decentralized, green POS chains (now on NEAR). Less talk, more building.


NEAR is a collective, a foundation, and a development platform built on a new layer-one blockchain.


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