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Kenya Broadcasting Corporation | Lionbliss


Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is a state corporation established by an Act of parliament CAP 221 of the Laws of Kenya to provide independent and impartial broadcasting services of information, education and entertainment and in English and Kiswahili and in such other languages that the corporation may decide.


  • Kenya’s most reliable, dynamic and trusted broadcaster.

  • To provide leadership in transmission of objective, informative, educative and entertaining content to the public through high quality broadcasts.

  • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is committed to providing objective, informative, educative and entertaining content to our customers through high quality broadcasts.

'Specific Aims'

  • Increased understanding among the people on the government development policies and strategies.

  • Impart knowledge on the process of effective communication with key publics.

  • Promote an effective approach to the use of radio and television as tools for National Development.


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