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James O'Keefe | Project Veritas | Lionbliss

Updated: Feb 17, 2022


James O’Keefe founded Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action after he had pulled off some of the most consequential undercover journalism coups in a generation, so he could have an organization dedicated to reviving the craft of undercover journalism. These two organizations are non-profits dedicated to investigating corruption, dishonesty, waste and fraud in public institutions and the private sector. The undercover journalism O’Keefe has pioneered at Project Veritas relies on the most modern digital and video technology infused with the legacy of the great investigative journalists of the past, such as Nellie Bly, Mike Wallace, Gunter Wallraff and Woodward and Bernstein. Today, O’Keefe and Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action continue to seek the same opportunities first motivated him as a Rutgers undergraduate philosophy major. At Rutgers, he founded an independent campus newspaper called The Centurion. (

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