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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

"Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world." -

Timcast.TV - Tim Pool is an Award Winning American journalist and Political Commentator. As the Founding member of VICE News, he has covered major events around the world in places such as Istanbul, Cairo, and Sao Paulo. Pool's coverage for, as well as his groundbreaking Livestream coverage of the 2011 protest movement, has been featured by international media outlets including The Guardian, Reuters, The New York Times, NBC, FastCompany, and Al Jazeera English. In 2014 he joined Fusion as the Director of Media Innovation to help develop and utilize new technology such as live streaming aerial drones, mobile software and hardware, and even Google Glass.  During his time at VICE, VICE News, and Fusion Pool produced dozens of documentaries and groundbreaking content reaching hundreds of millions of viewers on topics ranging from technology, internet rights, natural disasters, revolution, and urban conflict, as well as American politics. Following his departure from Fusion Pool began producing independent news and political commentary. In 2015 he helped Launch Subverse media which currently reaches over 1 Million subscribers and over 33 Million viewers per month within its network.

  • Timcast on Minds reaching over 120,000 Subscribers and 7 Million viewers

  • Tim Pool, with over 598,000 subscribers on YouTube, features Pool’s personal political commentary, news, and field reporting reaching 11 Million viewers per month

  • Timcast, with over 492,000 subscribers features pools daily hour of political opinion content focusing on various news, entertainment, and politics and reaches over 29 Million viewers per month

  • Timcast on Instagram, reaches over 62,000 followers

  • Timcast News, on Facebook, has 60,000+ followers and an equivalent number of likes (growing 20,000/month);

  • @Timcast on Twitter, has over 366,000 followers

  • Subverse, with over 145,000 followers on Youtube reaches over 1 Million viewers per month.

Pool has been a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience 1242 and 1258, several episodes of The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin, has been featured in several documentaries such as The Hacker Wars, Occupy: The Movie, and Trolling For Freedom

Timothy Daniel Pool (born March 9, 1986) is an American journalist, YouTuber, and political commentator.[1] He first became known for live streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.[5][6]



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