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Lily Tang Williams | Lionbliss


Fighting for Liberty. Lily is an American entrepreneur and educator who is fighting to prevent the country she loves from becoming the country she left. Born to illiterate working-class parents in China’s western Sichuan province just before Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Lily Tang Williams grew up experiencing extremely poor living conditions, food rationing, social chaos and Communist indoctrination. She came to America in 1988 to study in a graduate school. She is now running for congress in Colorado.

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Notable Content

(9/xx/2021) Timcast IRL - Survivor Of Mao's Cultural Revolution Says Its Happening Here w/Lily Tang Williams

(2/1/2022) Timcast IRL - The HONKENING WINS, Quebec CANCELS Vax Tax w/Lily Tang Williams & Jack Posobiec


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